Sample Restaurant Menu

Allergen advice is available on request. If you have any special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Restaurant Menu, Served from 6:00-9:00pm

The Start…

Enjoy our bread board, a selection of warm crusty bread & bread sticks with pesto, chutneys and oils £7.50
Pan Roasted Scallops with butternut squash puree, crispy bacon pieces and crushed amaretti biscuits with crispy sage £8.00
Pan roasted wild mushrooms with a garlic cream sauce on a beautiful rubbed ciabatta, served with parmesan shavings and olive oil dressed water cress V £7.00
Chicken liver pate mixed with caramelized onions and pistachios, topped with clarified butter and served with pistachios, red onion chutney, bread sticks and grilled ciabatta £7.00
A mug of leek and potato soup finished with whipped cream, crispy bacon and chives topped with roasted breadcrumbs. Also enjoy without baconV £6.00
Honey roasted winter root soup with thyme, topped with roasted breadcrumbs and garlic infused oilV £6.00

Either Way… To enjoy as a starter or a main

Sardines on toast with crushed cherry tomatoes and garlic dressing, served with olive oil and loads of black pepper £7.00 / £13.00
Made on site, a rich veg stock with cooked risotto rice served with butternut squash puree, crispy sage and crushed amaretti biscuits £7.50 / £13.50
Spinach and macaroni cheese with a beautiful rich strong cheddar cheese sauce, baked with macaroni and cheese breadcrumb topping. A proper winter warmer dish £7.00 / £13.00

It’s all about pie…

All our pies are served with chunky chips, bacon tossed peas & spinach (excluding the lentil and root vegetable pie which will be served with ordinary peas)

A beautiful selection of seafood to include smoked haddock, scallops, king prawns and cod in a really rich white sauce with spinach, loads of pepper and good strong cheddar cheese £14.50
Slow braised beef brisket cooking in our Tall Horse House Merlot, with braised shallots, rosemary and smoked bacon. A lovely rich beef bourguignon! Ask to add a big wedge of blue cheese and we will bake it under the pastry lid. A delight for any meat lover and perfect when served with a pint of our Admirals Ale £14.50
A beautiful wholegrain mustard, strong cheddar cheese sauce with chicken breast pieces, braised leeks and wild mushrooms £13.00
Slow braised lentils with winter roots and shallots, served with loads of garden herbs and our very own Admirals Ale sauce V £12.00
Cider braised ham hock with butter braised leeks, a cider and mustard sauce finished with a splash of cream £13.00

The Mains…

Pan Roasted fillet of salmon with warm lentils, chilli, coriander and pickled red onions. Served with king prawns, salted cashew nuts and finished with a caramel, chilli and garlic dressing £14.50
Pan roasted chicken leg, stuffed with tarragon and sausage meat served with bacon, new potatoes in a cider sauce and finished with tarragon and maple syrup cooked streaky bacon crisp £14.50
Pan roasted duck breast with a potato rosti, wilted spinach, crispy bacon and a creme de cassis dressing £16.00

The below dish is a warm salad to be enjoyed as it is or you can choose to add a delicious topping of your choice…

Thyme roasted Butternut squash, honey roasted beets with cashew nuts, garlic roasted croutons and chilli dressed cous cous finished with olive oil and loads of herbs:

Pan Roasted chilli & garlic marinated Halloumi £11.50
Pan Roasted fillet of salmon £15.00
A chargrilled pork chop marinated in garlic, herbs and black pepper (The Chef’s Favourite!) £13.50
Rosemary and thyme chargrilled chicken £13.50
Garlic and herb baked goats cheese £11.50

From the Grill…

Cut to order ‘Black and Gold’ Rump steak £16.50
Cut to order ‘Black and Gold’ Sirloin steak £18.50
Cut to order ‘Black and Gold’ Rib Eye steak £22.00
Black and Gold is a premium quality range of Scottish beef, aimed at the discerning buyer. Constant tenderness and succulence come from cattle raised on the lush pastures of Aberdeenshire and the north east of Scotland which makes Black and Gold a unique eating experience. All steaks are cooked to your liking and served with balsamic roasted vine tomatoes, fondant shallots,a butter roasted ‘Morton Pinkney’ Portabello mushroom and chunky chips


Chunky chips with or without cheese £3.00/3.50
Garlic bread with or without cheese £3.00/3.50
Homemade Beer battered onion rings £3.00
Side salad £5.00